• American Functional Art History

    Before there was Mothership, the legendarily elite American production company, there was Jake C and Scott Deppe - Two true American glass masters from before Operation Pipe Dreams was an actual thing. While most contemporary functional art collectors only know him for his founding of Mothership Glass with Jake that is far from his only credential. When you hold a Scott Deppe piece in your hands you will marvel at the precision of his craftsmanship - while many artists are hard at work cornering a niche market with their trademark style or signature design Scott has always been one to display an amazing ability to master any technique he worked at hard enough. Custom linework, crazy stemless bubblers, thirteen different types of wig wags, opal encasement, dry, bubbler, stemless - Deppe has thrown down something in literally every single one of those styles that make artists with ten years on the torch weep a single, appreciative, tear upon viewing.


    First Mothership Scott Deppe Custom Fab Egg "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" - Scott Deppe


    All of that being said, this piece is the culmination of everything he and Jake worked towards when they started Mothership - A completely custom piece of work, designed by the company owners, and executed by Scott. The secondary faberge egg percolator is fed by a fixed, stemless, downstem which itself is diffused by six deeply carved Seeds of Life. The downstem, foot, neck, and bucket are all encalmo black-to-rainbow sections, some wagged out with custom rainbow linework - All handmade by Scott Deppe himself. The foot is sandblasted with the classic Mothership logo and the titanium hinge on the honey bucket is also deeply carved with matching Mothership branding. This piece is a one of a kind, museum quality, collectible piece of the American functional art industry. You don't have many chances to own a piece of history and Illuzion Glass Galleries' is absolutely proud to offer that opportunity to our clients. The piece is available to view at our downtown Denver, CO, location and may also be viewed here on our website.

  • Illuzion Glass Galleries' "Pineapple Rising" First Friday Party 4/7/17 with Mr. Gray and Friends

    ILL Glass x Mr. Gray Custom Satellite Recycler ILL Glass x Mr. Gray bringing the heat in Denver, CO, at the "Pineapple Rising" First Friday Party.

    Mr. Gray and friends definitely brought the heat to Illuzion Glass Galleries' First Friday event on April 7th, 2017. An entire cube of collaborations and new work sat waiting to be unveiled as the party goers began to arrive. With Pelican cases in hand, the fans began to gather around the viewing window as Mr. Gray and friend Justin Knoferl began prep work for an amazing night of collaborations with local artist Ill Glass.

    Mr. Gray X ILL Glass Custom Satellite Illuzion Glass Galleries' First Friday Event - Custom Satellite Recycler - ILL Glass x Mr. Gray

    As the night went on, the back parking lot of Illuzion Glass Galleries began to fill with many familiar faces of the industry. Groovy tunes, Amore Pizza, and beverages floated all around as Mr. Gray began decorating two of Ill Glass's custom Satellite recyclers. Around 9:00 PM the Mr. Gray "Pineapple Rising" display cube was uncovered and fans began to swarm and gawk at all the various pineapple rigs and recyclers manifested over the last few months. The showcase displayed many collaborations including artists N8 Miers, Joe Peters, D-Wreck, Bishop, Ben David, and F-Time. A number of solo pieces were also presented, including a new line of rigs featuring almost every color of the rainbow!

    Adding the final touches to an ILL Glass x Mr. Gray Collab Satellite on 4/7/2017. Adding the final touches to an ILL Glass x Mr. Gray Collab Satellite on 4/7/2017.

    At one point in the night, Mr. Gray and Justin decided to bring another medium into play and a completely functional homemade pineapple water pipe was constructed. All around, the night was one for the books! The finished pieces are still available and on display in store at our Denver location. Thanks for joining us if you managed to make it, we hope to see you all for our next event!

    Mr. Gray at Illuzion Glass Galleries Mr. Gray takes a break and makes fresh pineapple into a functional piece at Illuzion Glass Galleries.

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