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Smurf Vapor Bubbler by McDoogle

Smurf Vapor Bubbler by McDoogle

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Well-known Spokane Valley, Washington, artist McDoogle has earned great praise for his Smurf pendants and domes. Taking those amazing sculpting skills up to full size, he has delivered this beautiful functional vapor bubbler - featuring a smiling Smurf extracting glistening essential oils from his favorite plant. This piece stands less than six inches tall from the hollow green hill at the bottom to the mouthpiece hat and utilizes a 10mm male joint on a fixed, two-hole diffused, downstream. The legs of the Smurg function as the splash guard on this unique and adorable piece of glass art!


  • Length: 4"
  • Width: 3"
  • Height: 5.75"
  • Weight: .35 lbs.
  • Distance from base to joint: 2"
  • Joint: 10mm male
  • Dome Style: 10mm female
  • Downstem: fixed 2 hole
  • Percolator 1: 2 hole diffy
  • Color: green, blue, white, yellow #9, black
  • Splash Guard: legs of smurf
  • Accent marks may vary
  • Dimensions may vary
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